The Mysterious Meaning of Déjà Vu

About two-thirds of people have experienced déjà vu in their lifetimes, but for something that's such a common experience, the phenomenon is still shrouded in mystery.

Detecting Aphantasia

It may soon be possible to diagnose people with aphantasia, the inability to picture images in their head, using a simple test.

Why Human Color Vision Is so Odd

How did our sight evolve to the point where we can see a wide range of colors that other mammals cannot?

Why So Many Mythological Monsters Are Female

As figments of the imagination, the alien, creepy-crawly, fanged, winged and otherwise-terrifying creatures that populate myths have long helped societies define cultural boundaries and answer an age-old question: What counts as human, and what counts as monstrous?

The FutureBit Apollo BTC Miner

I've bought and built several miners, but none have been this easy. Plug it in, set it up, and let it run.

Artificial Intelligence Isn’t Magic

The coronavirus is helping to erode the hype around artificial intelligence; data scientists get the axe and some ‘old-fashioned’ solutions work better.

Zoom has serious consequences for mental health

In the past few years, people across the world have spent more time on video chat programs like Zoom and FaceTime than ever before. These applications mimic in-person encounters by allowing users to see the people they are communicating with.

Using machine learning to unravel long Covid

Long Covid, with its constellation of symptoms, is proving a challenging moving target for researchers trying to conduct large studies of the syndrome.

Why Americans don’t trust experts

How a society that is so good at creating knowledge can be so bad at applying it. Why don’t Americans trust the experts?